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For some in their Golden Years, it becomes difficult to track bills arriving at different times of the months, or the mountains of paperwork required by Social Security, accountants or insurance companies. Kavod Daily Money Management can organize and keep all the records, help fill out forms, and most of all, make sure all bills are paid on time


For example, meet Sadie. Sadie was married to Irving for 55 wonderful years until he passed away. Irving took care of all the bills and the couple’s finances, tasks now falling on Sadie’s shoulders. She has no idea where to even start, and it is causing her great anxiety.

Kavod Daily Money Management can help to make sure the bills are paid while giving Sadie the assurance and respect she deserves.

For example, meet Michael.  Michael has always prided himself on his independence, especially when it came to his money. But lately, he’s started to miss paying bills on time, and some of the requirements and requests by Social Security and his accountant have been confusing and hard to meet.


Kavod Daily Money Management can help Michael so that he knows he is in control, but has the assistance he needs to make sure everything is done correctly and on time.



It is not uncommon for adults to find they need to help family members who have grown older or suffer from a disability with managing their finances. Already busy with their own families and jobs, the extra burden can become oppressive, taking too much time and interfering with the positive and loving relationship the caregiver would prefer to have with his/her/their relative. Kavod Daily Money Management can help relieve that burden so that the caregiver’s cherished time with the relative is about sharing with each other, and not about money matters.


For example, meet Erica and Alejandro. Erica is providing care for her parents, and Alejandro is providing care for a brother with a disability. Even though they are happy to help, the demands of meeting these obligations takes so much time and energy that they find themselves impatient and stressed. Being with their relatives now is something they dread, and not the fun and joy it used to be. 


Kavod Daily Money Management can help Erica and Alejandro by organizing their relatives’ documents and making sure the expenses are covered so that they can spend their time with their loved ones in a less stressful and more meaningful way.


Busy Professionals
& Business Owners

Let’s face it: our jobs are taking more and more of our time, and the ability to be in touch by cell phone and email has only increased the demands on professionals and business owners.  It’s hard to keep up with watching your own finances when you’re so busy with your career. And it’s embarrassing to get into personal financial difficulties when you’re so successful at your career or business. Kavod Daily Money Management can help by making sure your personal finances remain in order, and you can spend your precious time on your career, business or the “down time” you need.


For example, meet Nia. Nia is the best associate in her law firm, a brilliant attorney, and definitely on the partnership track.  She never misses a single issue in any of her cases.  But because she works so hard and so much to meet her billable hours requirements, she has missed paying her bills...a lot. It’s affecting her credit rating, so she may not be able to get a mortgage on that condo everyone knows she wants.


Kavod Daily Money Management can help Nia by keeping track of her bills, making sure everything is paid on time, and that she has all the paperwork she needs to get that bank loan, receiving the respect she deserves.


Military Personnel

Even though overseas deployments are expected, they still come with pressures and challenges.  When someone in the service goes overseas and leaves his/her/their family behind, there is one less parent to care for the kids, and double the chores for the spouse at home to do. And who wants to spend the limited phone time from wherever you are in the world talking about whether the mortgage was paid? Kavod Daily Money Management can help by making sure all the finances continue smoothly while the service person is away, as well as when he/she/they return.


For example, meet Tracey. Tracey is serving their second tour in a dangerous area. They have no desire to discuss finances when they speak to their family on their limited phone time.


Kavod Daily Money Management can help Tracey by watching and caring for their finances and providing a monthly report, so that they can focus on serving the country, enjoying conversations with family, and coming home safely.

Seniors & Caregivers
Professionals Military

Note: all examples are fictional to describe possible situations where Kavod Daily Money Management can help.

Any resemblance to any actual person is coincidental.

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