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Kavod - Honor

In my tradition, there is an important concept called “kavod.” “Kavod” means honor. It means providing people the respect and care they deserve. It means recognizing a person’s accomplishments, triumph over struggles, and intrinsic worth as a human being.

When I set out to create my new Daily Money Management business, I considered what I wanted to be its inherent values. Sure, I want to provide exemplary organization and service. But, more than that, I want to give my clients the respect and care they deserve, understanding their unique circumstances and challenges, to allow them to focus on fulfilling their life goals and enjoying their time themselves and with family and friends.

It became clear that, like I strived to do as a rabbi, as a Daily Money Manager, I wanted to help people in a way that honored them. And so that became the obvious choice for the name of my new venture - Kavod Daily Money Management.

After all, who deserves honor?

The elders who have given to their family and community;

The young people working to make their way in the world;

The business owners providing for their families;

The people with disabilities persevering to live productive and happy lives;

The servicemen and servicewomen protecting our country;

The caretakers giving to those they love.

I believe these people and more deserve honor as they receive the help with their daily money management I provide. I also believe that people deserve this honor - this kavod - whether they share my faith tradition or not. And so I hope that if you or someone you care for needs some help with bill paying, budgeting, understanding or resolving billings, or any other daily financial mater, that you’ll reach out to me for a complementary consultation, and we can start to build a relationship that will meet your needs and treat you as you deserve - with Kavod.

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