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The care your finances need; the respect you deserve.

Many people reach a point in their lives when it is difficult to meet the demands of the daily finances for themselves or their loved ones. There is so much paperwork, so many different deadlines, so many different rules and regulations…

it can feel overwhelming, intimidating and anxiety raising. 

Kavod Daily Money Management can help ease these pressures
while treating you with the honor and dignity you deserve.

  • Bill Payment

  • Budgeting

  • Mail Sorting

  • Document Organizing

  • Information Compiling
    for Your Taxes

  • Savings Suggestions

  • Insurance Claim Processing

  • Medical Billing Resolutions

  • Social Security Monitoring

  • Credit Card and Bank Account Reconciliation

  • Referrals to Needed Professionals

If you are someone who can use a hand in getting your budget

and daily finances organized and running smoothly....


Kavod Daily Money Management can help!


Rabbi Jeffrey Wildstein has spent his professional life assisting all kinds of people in a wide variety of situations. He served as a congregational rabbi for fourteen years, where he was intensively involved with the financial aspects of program management. He counseled hundreds of people with care, compassion and respect. He has practiced law, served as a college administrator, worked as a field organizer for a political campaign, and authored one book on Judaism and co-authored another on Connecticut Tort Law...

Our Clients



For some in their Golden Years, it becomes difficult to track bills arriving at different times of the months, or the mountains of paperwork required by Social Security, accountants or insurance companies. Kavod Daily Money Management can organize and keep all the records, help fill out forms, and most of all, make sure all bills are paid on time... Read More



It is not uncommon for adults to find they need to help family members who have grown older or suffer from a disability with managing their finances. Already busy with their own families and jobs, the extra burden can become oppressive, taking too much time and interfering with the positive and loving relationship the caregiver would prefer to have with his/her/their relative... Read More

Busy Professionals
& Business Owners

Service Personnel


Let’s face it: our jobs are taking more and more of our time, and the ability to be in touch by cell phone and email has only increased the demands on professionals and business owners.  It’s hard to keep up with watching your own finances when you’re so busy with your career.  And it’s embarrassing to get into personal financial difficulties when you’re so successful at your career or business... Read More

Even though overseas deployments are expected, they still come with pressures and challenges.  When someone in the service goes overseas and leaves his/her/their family behind, there is one less parent to care for the kids, and double the chores for the spouse at home to do.  And who wants to spend the limited phone time from wherever you are in the world talking about whether the mortgage was paid? ... Read More

"Jeff has been a tremendous help to our family...It has not been easy, but Jeff has been very good at maintaining a positive rapport with both my son and with us, the distressed parents."
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